OLIVESWOOD is a Factory using Olive Wood to produce items for kitchen & table, furniture, decor and gift items. We are based in Hammam Sousse city in the center of Tunisia, where the olive trees are abundant.

-Our Tunisian olivewood products are Handmade by our skilled craftsman.

– Our Team work is able to custom design items or create new Models especially for your Company.

-As an export company, we understand the needs of our foreign customers. Each olive wood piece is individually wrapped and hand inspected prior to shipping. We have the ability to print and apply customer specific barcode labels and product tags.

– We offer top grade olive wood products at very affordable prices and we ship worldwide. We enjoy exporting our olive wood artwork to new destinations that bring peace and love into people’s homes.

-We love the warmth of Olive wood and its natural beauty combined with the pleasure of its tactile nature and we are happy to share our olive woodcraft with you!

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